How to survive in Marrakech

Hi all, take a note that you have to read this text with a grain of salt! :)


So there was a day we decided to go to Marrakech. I've never been to Africa before and flight from London takes just 3,5 h - would be a shame if I didn't agree with the idea. I'll try to describe everything briefly and also give some advices to those who want to go there at some point. As soon as we arrived in Marrakech we had to fill out an embarkation card (address of the place you stay in Marrakech,flight number etc) before the queue for passport control so prepare yourselves a couple of minutes to do that. After we got through 'the sweet mess', taxi cab driver from our Riad was already waiting for us for, how it turned out, 3 h, and was still very patient (later on, it transpired they gave him random time of our landing so this is how it is in Marrakech).

Fortunately, it was only around 40 degrees so people told us life in there seemed to be easier than for example the week before, when average daily temperature was over 60 degrees! Treat yourself with huge bottle of water every time you go out - it's essential.
My first steps in Marrakech weren't the most pleasant, I have to admit. I couldn't get used to the crowd, people bumping into you at almost all times either themselves or on motorbikes. It might sound very princessy :D but I was very close to heart attack until I accepted the fact I'm gonna spend in here a few days scrambling through the heat, noise, people accosting me cause of blonde hair, smell of incenses mixed with the smell of raw meat (this could be horribly unpleasant thing for vegans btw).
Luckily, our Riad was a real shelter. Beautiful interior, amazing plants and almost completely private swimming pool. So even If I'd give up at the beginning I wouldn't waste a second staying inside and enjoying this (let's call it) luxury.

After the first, quite deterring experience I decided to take up the challenge and find a supermarket. We really needed a place to buy something without bartering. And we got it! We achieved the place. It was roughly 45 mins away from the Jemaa el-Fnaa square and was completely empty. Using word empty, I mean the fact it seemed to be abandoned. The supermarket Acima, near wonderful Majorelle garden, in itself has been functioning pretty well, the surrounding was the mystery though. No people at all, just cats chasing each other around. The cats. Cats you can find everywhere in Marrakech. Cat sunning itself on the pavement, cat sitting on you or next to you while eating on the square, cat walking next to you when on the way to YSL Majorelle Garden and so on...

Visiting Marrakech involves trying out Moroccan traditional dishes. And that was a real paradise for me cause I LOVE FOOD. At first we made a really bad decision choosing restaurant which was spreading germs on us and our inedible grilled something by spraying everything with water coming out of dirty fan, ha!

Thankfully, things were only getting better second by second. To begin with HENNA CAFE which deserves loads of compliments (I hate complimenting for no reason so you can definitely rely on my opinion). The cafe is hidden in a little alleyway, towards Jemaa el-Fnaa square, reachable by climbing up the little stairs. Inside feels like heaven. Not only cause of blue walls, it's genuinely pleasant when you can get away from the hum, dust and noise for a bit and eat something which actually tastes amazing. Although the menu is not very expanded, anything we've chosen couldn't be any better especially when you complement it with sweet, mint Moroccan tea. UTTERLY DELICIOUS.

It's not an adventure when you only eat in restaurants, you need to try to eat like locals do. Which means, to eat in the square, the Medina Jemaa el-Fnaa squere obviously, straight from the stall . When you manage to pass through poor little monkeys on leashes, dancing snakes and henna tattoo painters, you're finally able to choose the stall to sit in. If you don't feel ready to choose the stall, start with Snack la place. That's what we did. Moroccan salads, lamb tanjija, tagine, lamb liver - the choice is massive and prices are massively reasonable, which makes you wanna come back over and over again.


Henna Cafe breakfast.

Mint tea time.

Buying bellows and Alladin lamp.

Snails zone.

When they hired me as THE CHEF.

Tanjija - Snack la place.

Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé Majorelle Garden

Getting overpriced henna tattoo done. Typical touristic entertainment.

Marrakech is an incredible place to go. We spent there just 4 days but I loved every moment of it (even nearly having the heart attack :P)

P.S.I found very appealing call to pray. If you don't hear it personally, it's difficult to get what am I talking about but it's sort of mysterious experience to witness in a real life.

P.S. 1. The place we stayed at: RIAD KAISS


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