The Lucky Three Monthly Favorites

I hope all of you are doing well in the new year 2016! As I haven't been writing much lately, here is me introducing you new monthly section on my blog. Every month, I'm going to present you some of my personally favourite stuff I either bought or discovered recently. I had reached a decision regarding January miscellaneous things, so let's start:


After having a pretty long adventure with Tom Ford Black Orchid (much sweeter than the scent we're talking about now), I decided to try Tuscan Leather, a fragrance created for Tom Ford Private Blend collection by perfumers Harry Frémont and Jacques Cavallier. It really smells like leather mixed with smoky wood and a tiny touch of sweetness. Suitable either for a day or nigh time, incredibly elegant and appealing.Don't be mistaken by a little bottle. You really won't need more than 2-3 spray, it lasts ages.

Unisex fragrance includes notes of saffron, raspberry , thyme, olibanum , jasmine, leather, black suede and amber.

To buy online at Harvey Nichols / Douglas. Price ~£145 / 769 zl


Lockwood Umbrellas offer a bespoke service where the umbrella is handmade in London according to your height and your choice of materials.There is a choice of six wood species, three with bark on the handles (chestnut, ash, hazelwood) these are made from smaller, younger trees, and three polished with no bark (oak, hickory, maple), cut from larger more mature trees. Have you ever thought of having a custom made umbrella? Now there's an opportunity to get one! It's also an amazing gift idea. Below, I'm showing you the denim limited edition umbrella I'm being happy to own.

Online shop - Lockwood Umbrellas

3.CCCP: Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed
Here comes a great thing for those interested in Soviet Architecture. An amazing vision of the future from the past.
Huge collections of photographs by Chaubin of numerous buildings across the former Soviet Union with an emphasis on concrete. They reveal an unexpected rebirth of imagination, an unknown burgeoning that took place from 1970 until 1990. If your curious of mesmerising photos, you desire to know more and more about Russia and want to see for oneself this beautifully presented piece of art, you should definitely get it.

To buy on Amazon. Price ~£24

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