John Soane's Museum + All Black

Today's outfit is nothing special as we were just wandering around- I needed something comfortable to walk from East to West(London). We've popped in to Sir John Soane's Museum. When you're in London I really recommend to check it out.

It’s an intimate, atmospheric place, designed by Soane himself, and filled with his exceptional collection of famous artworks, sculptures, furniture and artefacts.
You're not allowed to take photos inside (a real shame because the interior is amazing!). You can walk around the basement, visit his old kitchen, stunning yellow living room with round domed mirrors. The other fun part is that you can listen to the stories from the paintings which are being told by one of the museum staff in an amusing way- that's what I always miss in museums.

trousers - Romwe, top - ZARA, ankle boots - Lasocki, sunglasses - BLYSZAK


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