London Fashion Week Dezzal outfit + Miu Miu boots

Since I watched eat, pray and love with Julia Roberts I've always thought India must be quite an amazing place (in that film she spent 3 months in India to find her spirituality). Who doesn't love big statement earrings? I'm the one who would've never said no to them. The earrings I'm wearing today were handmade in nowhere else but in India! The gold plated silver earring with freshwater pearls are light weight and very versatile. I've got mine from Kastur Jewels - although the earrings are handmade in India, the brand is based in London so it is easily accessible. What is worth to know that many of the earrings are one off pieces and there is no mass production on any of the styles. It's not only beautifully made, it's incredibly unique. Kasturjewels is founded by London based designer Rajvi Vora and a % of each sale goes towards supporting humanitarian initiatives. You can find out more on their website

I know that many of you are interested in my pink fluffy set, I haven't worn something this cosy for a long time. Where can you get it? Check the links under the photos and Dezzal FACEBOOK. The quality is amazing, I got stopped so many times during London Fashion Week by people asking where did I get it from I can't even remember!

Sweatshirt - DEZZAL, Skirt - DEZZAL, boots - MIU MIU, earrings - Kastur Jewels


  1. Pudrowy róż, to jest zdecydowanie Twój kolor kochana.
    Super zestaw.

    Pozdrawiam Zocha:)

  2. Wyglądasz zjawiskowo, ten kolor na tobie - ideał. Zakochałam się w kozakach :)

  3. Gorgeous! x