My Little Edinburgh guide

Have you ever been to Scotland? If not, here's my little tour guide around Edinburgh. It was my second time in there, the weather this time of year is beautiful (no rain as you might expect in Scotland), sunlight was making the city looking even more magical. The must see in Edinburgh is obviously the Castle. We spent in there almost 3h (I recommend visiting in the noon, as at 13.00 they fire a gun! ). There's loads of things too see and among them: war museum, old prison, beautiful chapel with amazing stained glass, Scottish crown jewels etc. There is even dogs cemetery! The view from the castle is breath taking, you can see the entire city, sea and tiny islands - it's provides a glimpse at how beautiful Scotland is. Don't forget to also visit the Grassmarket, one of the oldest squares of the city at the base of the castle. People were burned or hanged here until the 1700's.

Czy byliscie kiedys w Szkocji? Jesli nie, oto moj maly przewodnik po Edynburgu. Ta pora roku  jest jedna z lepszych na wycieczki do Szkocji, promienie sloneczne sprawialy, ze Edynburg prezentowal sie jeszcze bardziej magicznie niz zazwyczaj. Bedac w Edynburgu warto oczywscie wybrac sie na zamek. My spedzilismy tam ponad 3 godziny i wciaz nie zdazylismy obejrzec wszystkiego (o godzinie 13:00 kazdego dnia odpalane jest dzialo na dziedzincu, takze warto udac sie tam w poludnie). Widok z zamku jest naprawde przepiekny, morze, wysepki i cala zabudowa miasta sa jedynie malenkim dowodem na to, jak piekna jest Szkocja. Nie zapomnijcie o placu Grassmarket u podnoza zamku. To miejsce, gdzie palono i wieszano ludzi do 1700 r.!

Café Royal just next to the train station. I'm never happy when hungry so Ed decided to take me there.

Cullen skink - a classic Scottish smoked fish soup with velvety leeks and potato. One of the best soups I've eaten in a long time (apart from the lettuce one I had yesterday!).
If you're up for a deep fried mars bar, that's the right place:
Deep fried haggis? Tastes a bit like KFC - don't know myself whether it's good or bad?
Edinburgh Castle
Never provoked without punishment - that's what the blue writing says.
If you're hungry again, try out the Fiddler's Arms at the Grass Market
J.K. Rowling used to sit in the elephant house in the last photo.That's where Harry Potter was written!


  1. Świetne zdjęcia :)

  2. I love and miss Edinburgh! It's a gothic fairytale wee city. Went to at least 3 cemeteries, all of them absolutely beautiful! Mars bar didn't impress me but it wasn't so bad as I expected... I tried haggis with apple sauce and it reminded me of a gourmet black pudding ahah

  3. Love your blog! It is truly amazing :)