New Year's Eve outfits

I'm almost sure that PVC over the knee boots will hit the streets this coming season. I've got my pair last year so I'm giving you some ideas for New Year's Eve party outfits that include these boots. I'm aware of the fact these are not for everyone; some might consider them too Gothic and others might not like the platform etc but I hope it will give you a bit of inspiration. Please note that all of these outfits would also look great with just a pair of simple high heels, so I advise to play with what you've got at home to style it your own way.

That black PVC dress is my eBay treasure. I was looking for a PVC one, wasn't even thinking of a fluffy trim but when I came across this little black dress I thought it may work great if the PVC quality is as good as the boots one. It transpired it is exactly the same material so I couldn't resist but wear it all together with a shiny diamond choker.

The pink cute clinging dress is an option for the less courageous ones. If you wanna wear it with long over the knee boots you've got to remember it's important to get the boots as tight as possible, otherwise you loose the shape and your legs look like two thick trunks, and not necessarily very chic ones. 

The last option is comfortable yet extraordinary. Platform boots put over the PVC trousers make your legs looking amazingly long, and the little peplum top adds a bit of elegance to it. 

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