Harley Academy Clinics Lip Treatment

Everyone has something they want to improve, something they're not truly satisfied with. If it comes to me, one of those things is my lips. I've had treatment done to them before but unfortunately the result was disappointing. After visiting Dr Vikram from Harley Academy I learnt that previous clinics had lacked experience and skills. And after this search it seems it has been a difficult journey finding a doctor who will not overdo your lips, sausages or make you look like Jar Jar Binks's missing twin.

My problem was that my lips were asymmetrical, the top lip projects too much by the last unsuccessful treatment. Since work 2 weeks ago at Harley Academy I've never been happier with the results :D The staff are friendly, helpful and the setting is less like a hospital and more like a 5 star hotel (which is very important when you're stressed and curious whether this is gonna work or make it worse).

The treatment wasn't painful at all, the localized anesthetic worked wonderfully and my lips were immediately looking much better. We used a filler called Belotero - no lumps and my lips feel totally natural, when the anesthetic wore off :) I had a little swelling for four days after the treatment but no bruises or pain. I don't wanna be too smug but my lips feel just perfect now. I know it wasn't my last visit at Harley Academy, it's great I finally have a Doctor I can trust with my lips, no more worrying about looking like Jar Jar Binks :)

P.S. As some of you may have already noticed, I've had the braces done recently. It doesn't interfere with the lips treatment, the only aftereffect is that the lips are pushed forward a bit more than normally as you can probably see. Sorry for the dry looking lips (that's what the braces do to them all the time even a moment after using a lip balm, unfortunately). I did not put any make up, I thought it's the best way to show you how the lips really look like sauté.  

Here's Harley Academy Clinics website and that's where you can find them on instagram and facebook


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